About Us / What We Do:

Industrial Dust Collection, Production Waste Handling and Pollution Control Systems

Synergic Engineering is proud to represent some of the most well-known and respected manufacturers in the industry:          

    Camfil-FARR Company
    Aget Manufacturing
    Tri-Mer Corporation
    Ohio Blow Pipe Corporation
    AerPro Corporation 
    I. A. P. Corporation
(Industrial Air Products) 

Dust Collection:  We offer a complete line of dust collectors including cartridge collectors, reverse-flow baghouses, reverse-pulse baghouses, shaker baghouses, and cyclones (centrifugal separators.)  Synergic Engineering Corporation specializes in systems for grinding, sand blasting, shot blasting, welding smoke, wood and sanding dust, laser cutting, plasma spraying and other industrial dusts.

Mist Collection:  Synergic has the most complete selection of oil and water mist collectors in the industry.  A broad range of collection technologies from three different manufacturers ensures that the best solutions are identified for the application.  Air flows are available from 100 to 50,000 cfm.

Scrap Handling Systems:  We are proud to represent Ohio Blow Pipe, the leading manufacturer of Production Waste Handling Systems.  Systems usually incorporate an Airscreen™ scrap separator and CleanAir™ dust collector and ancillary equipment such as balers and compactors.

Fume Scrubbers:  Systems are available for scrubbing a broad range of pollutants.  Systems are typically constructed of polypropylene to assure the best  possible chemical resistance.  Compounds typically encountered include: 

   NOX, SO2, Cl2, HF, HCl, H2S, NH3 and chrom

Industrial Fans:  Choose from a complete line of cost-effective industrial fans to meet your volume and static pressure requirements. 

We have been providing quality Industrial Dust Collection Systems and Pollution Control Systems to industry and schools in Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin for more than 25 years.

Sales Engineers Jack Atkins and Tim O’Keefe, together have more than 25 years experience engineering cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ dust collection and pollution control requirements.

Industrial Instrumentation

Synergic Engineering Corporation, a Manufacturers' Representative, has been providing quality Industrial Instrumentation to our customers in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for over 25 years.

Who we represent:
Electron Machine Corporation:  An industry leader in continuous on-line refractometer measurements for 30 years, Electron Machine became the industry standard with the introduction of the E-Scan Refractometer utilizing sapphire optics, LED source a CCD  detector with over 2000 pixels..

Enerac:  Offering a complete line of emissions analyzers and combustion analyzers including the 3000-E, the most versatile and powerful emissions analyzer available anywhere.

International Sensor Technology (I.S.T.):  Headquartered in Irvine, CA, I.S.T. manufactures a complete line of portable and continuous ambient air monitors.  While leading the industry in solid-state detector technology, I.S.T. offers a complete spectrum of detectors including solid-state, electrochemical, infra-red, catalytic bead and photoionization detectors (PID).

Datatest:  Datatest specializes in Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (C.E.M.S.) and opacity monitors for industrial, medical and municipal incinerators and boilers.  With more than 25 years experience, Datatest has the longest track record in the business.

Synergic also offers a complete line of industrial temperature measuring and temperature transmitting instruments manufactured by Temperature Specialists and Transmation.